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As of earlier today over 10,000 people have passed away in United States from the coronavirus. According to CBS News lots of top officials (including “the Trumpster”) are saying this week will be one of the worst weeks ever. Johns Hopkins University is reporting that we have more than 350,000 confirmed cases as this pandemic […]

Democratic Presidential front runner Joe Biden feels that we might have to make a major change this fall. On the ABC News show “This Week” he stated that the “2020 Democratic National Convention” could possibly be a ‘virtual’ situation in lue of the Coronavirus. “Well, we’re going to have to do a convention, may have […]

Gotta send a big “Philly sized” Happy Birthday shout to the one & only Jill Scott! Since the first album, she has given us some amazing music. She has plenty of hit records, has won many awards, been awarded plaques, & sells out shows. We have also watched Miss Scott become a pretty good actress […]

This Sunday night it’s an all new episode of “Unsung” featuring Betty Wright! We’ll learn about the triumphs, the trials, the highs & the lows of the ‘Soul Music Diva’. The longest running award winning series on TV One is back for it’s BEST season EVER, & I’m sure this episode will not disappoint! ! […]

WOW!!! That’s all I can say! I always thought Kevin Durant had a dope shoe line, but I must say, these are my favorite ones yet! The sole reminds me of “Coogi!” Hahahaha!!! As always Nike did their thing, & according to their website these can also be worn loosely for a more relaxed fit […]

The Center For Disease Control has come down with a serious recommendation. That is that everyone wear a mask when out in public. That’s right, you read it right….EVERYONE!! That means if you’re going to the store, to get gas, to your storage unit, to your family of friends house, to your…….I mean you get […]

The “2020 Basketball Hall Of Fame” inductees list is definitely a special one. Big shouts to Kevin Garnett (15 time All-Star, 2004 Most Valuable Player, 2008 NBA Champion), Tim Duncan (15 time NBA All-Star, Most Valuable Player 2002 & 2003, 5 time NBA Champion), & the “Black Mamba”…..Kobe Bryant (18 time All-Star, 2008 Most Valuable […]

The Jordan Brand is at it again, & I can clearly see what one of the hottest shoes this summer will be. The all new Jordan “Delta!” These jons are nice, & kind of give you that “Yeezy” type vibe. Basic, minimalistic, & sleek are some of the words that come to mind.  The shoe […]

Best selling author Teri Woods is venturing into cinema once again! According to Vibe her hit novel “Dutch” has been transformed into a big screen film that will hit theaters this fall. The movie stars Lance Gross, James Hyde, Macy Gray, Melissa Williams, & more. The film was directed by Preston Whitmore (who directed “This […]

Now this is good news! The FDA has just authorized 15 minute Coronavirus tests. Usually it would take 6-9 days, but now with these newly developed tests, in 15 minutes you’ll be able know the results. This is great because now medical & healthcare workers can process results a lot faster, which in turn will […]

The super highly anticipated Michael Jordan & Chicago Bulls documentary “The Last Dance” originally scheduled for June this year, has been moved up to April 19th! The move comes to meet the huge demand for more programming since sports are currently on hiatus. This is definitely going to be “must see” TV for any sports […]

Johnson & Johnson is on schedule to have a vaccine for the Coronavirus by years end! According to USA Today their stocks jumped 8% when they announced that human testing of its experimental vaccine will begin by this September. The data from its effects will be recorded & wil be used to help development, & […]