Detroit Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is playing no games with parents who refuse to show interest in their children’s education. She is pushing for a law that calls for jail time for parents who skip parent-teacher conferences.  Yes. Jail time. Worthy pitched her plan Tuesday to the Detroit City Council and is shopping it […]

VIA RADIO ONE DETROIT We’re constantly bombarded by stories about the challenges facing Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System. Sometimes the obstacles to guaranteeing every child a quality education seem insurmountable. Overwhelmed school systems are a problem facing the entire country. ‘Meet The Press’ – NBC’s devoted a week-long focus to the Nation’s Education system. “Education Nation” takes […]

President Obama is once again drawing heat from one of his new steps towards change. This time, he is aiming for a change in America’s college education system. Obama is making moves in encouraging people to choose to attend community college as opposed to a 4 year University. What It Means To Be Black, Beautiful […]

‘Meet The Press’ – NBC’s devoted a week-long focus to the Nation’s Education system. “Education Nation” takes an in-depth look at reforming our education system. What’s at the heart of the problem in our nation’s public schools? What reforms are working and how can those solutions be part of a national model? An exclusive conversation […]

VIA: Children spend just 20 percent of their waking hours in school. But a child’s capacity to learn doesn’t end with the final bell. After-school programs can do so much more than what we so often expect of them—just keeping kids off the street—and make real impact on their education. Citizen Schools realizes this […]

Piss poor parents better beware. Prosecutor Kym Worthy of Detroit has a new proposal she is putting to gether which will attempt to make parents be more accountable for their children’s behavior as well as make them have more

Author Stewart Buck has a new book, “Acting White: The Ironic Legacy Of Desegregation” in which he claims that integration has had a negative affect on African-American education. Richard Thompson Ford at Slate wrote this about the book: It was desegregation that destroyed thriving black schools where black faculty were role models and nurtured excellence […]

TJMS correspondent Jeff Johnson speaks on education and history or African Americans as it relates to our current state.

FROM VOGUE: Who doesn’t love a great summer tee? And a tee that benefits African schoolchildren with supplies, hot lunches, and teacher salaries? Even better. In honor of the FIFA 2010 World Cup, Ali Hewson, founder of the environmentally and socially conscious label EDUN, is celebrating efforts in Africa with four inspired T-shirts. “We asked […]

In a recent interview with Rev Run spoke on his son Diggy Simmon’s rap dreams. Last week Diggy signed a deal with Atlantic records after he burst on the rap scene with a video where he rhymed over Nas’s “Made You Look.” When asked if he’s worried about Diggy only being 15-years-old and choosing […]


Have you seen those moving American Express commercials about the program to educate black children in Harlem? The commercials are inspirational, and give viewers a sense of hope that we can help our children. Well the founder of that program, Harlem Children’s Zone, Geoffrey Canada, spoke in Charlotte on Thursday. According to an article in […]

VIA: Recently, President Barack Obama pledged his efforts as well as $900 million to stop the national high school drop out crisis. The efforts of one leader and money are not enough to stop the problem, but it is a start. The current education system offers no skills or career opportunities to the many […]