The increase in evictions in Mecklenburg County is a concerning trend.

COVID-19 cases are back on the rise in Mecklenburg County.

Early voting will continue this week in Mecklenburg County.

Mecklenburg County is still in code red for Covid-19 exposure levels.

Mecklenburg County has reported several monkeypox hospitalizations.

Mecklenburg County is still in the "red" or high level for COVID-19 spread. Here's how to order free at-home tests.

Mecklenburg County's monkeypox vaccination waitlist is currently sitting at over 2,100.

Mecklenburg County is set to end its COVID-19 state of emergency on August 15th.

Mecklenburg County has moved back to 'high' levels of transmission.

Appointments to get the monkeypox vaccine are currently full for Mecklenburg County.

Cooling stations are open to residents in Mecklenburg County due to the extreme heat.

Mecklenburg County has moved back to code green as COVID cases in the area are improving.