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nurse with injection for monkeypox vaccine

Source: Eduardo Ramos Castaneda / Getty

Six hospitalizations for monkeypox were reported on Tuesday by Mecklenburg County.

The county also disclosed the first instance involving a minor under 18.

County Health Director Raynard Washington stated that due to privacy considerations, he was unable to provide the dates of the hospitalizations since authorities are still gathering information about them.

“We do know that there are some pain control issues and that’s what I’m clear on right now,” Washington said. “We are gathering information about the other areas, but we do know that a certain percentage of our cases are immuno-compromised.”

Since the first case was discovered in June, Mecklenburg County has reported 115 cases. In North Carolina, 250 cases have been found. Monkeypox hasn’t been linked to any fatalities in Mecklenburg County.

Men make up the majority of cases, and Black men make up 80% of them, according to Joy Smith, director of communicable diseases.

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