Louisiana Rep. Lauren Ventrella said that non-Christian students who have a problem with the Ten Commandments law for schools should not "look at it." The post ‘Don’t Look At It’: Louisiana Republican Tells Non-Christian Students To Ignore Ten Commandments Law appeared first on NewsOne.


Nevada brothel owner Madam Bella Cummins, a longtime pimp, endorsed Donald Trump over a campaign promise about tipping in the service industry. The post ​​Nevada Pimp Endorses Trump: ‘Every Tip Really Matters’ appeared first on NewsOne.


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Byron Donalds is fantasizing about being able to "step in" as vice president to Donald Trump is needed, according to reports. The post Rep. Byron Donalds Warns He Would Be Ready To ‘Step In’ And Be President If He Was Donald Trump’s VP appeared first on NewsOne.

Malia and Sasha Obama have no desire to follow in their family footsteps in the political sphere.

This exclusive first listen to a new Biden Campaign radio ad is a reminder of the president's administration's accomplishments for Black Americans. The post Exclusive First Listen: New Biden-Harris Radio Ad Spotlights ‘Promises Kept’ To Black America appeared first on NewsOne.


Tim Scott defended "junk fees" and said he is "not sure" if consumers mind unknowingly paying for hidden surcharges. Yes, really. The post Tim Scott Defends ‘Junk Fees,’ Says He’s ‘Not Sure’ If Consumers Are Against Hidden Surcharges appeared first on NewsOne.

Charlie Kirk announced that his white supremacist-adjacent Turning Point USA organization has partnered with Donald Trump's campaign for the 2024 election. The post Barely Closeted White Nationalist Charlie Kirk Announces Trump Campaign Partnership appeared first on NewsOne.


Florida Rep. Byron Donalds was dragged by the Congressional Black Caucus for saying Black families are worse off now than they were living under Jim Crow laws. The post ‘Jim Crow’: Congressional Black Caucus Rips Byron Donalds For Saying Black Families Were Stronger Under Racist Laws appeared first on NewsOne.

GOP Rep. Dan Bishop compared the prosecution of Donald Trump to the persecution of Black people in Alabama during Jim Crow. The post GOP Rep Compares Trump Prosecution To Treatment Of Black People ‘In Alabama In 1950.’ Bruh…What? appeared first on NewsOne.

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