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Former President Donald Trump Travels To Atlanta, Georgia

Donald Trump meets with people during a visit to a Chick-fil-A restaurant on April 10, 2024, in Atlanta, Georgia. | Source: Megan Varner / Getty

Here’s the thing: If it were true that Black Americans support and admire Donald Trump in numbers that are as significant as the MAGA World suggests, Trump, the GOP, conservative media and the rest of Trump’s acolytes wouldn’t need to work so hard to show it.

The Black Trump supporters who do exist wouldn’t need to plaster “Blacks for Trump” across their chests in yuge bold print and seek out news cameras to show themselves off in front of. Trump supporters wouldn’t be using AI to generate imaginary Black Trump supporters. Republicans wouldn’t be suddenly looking for photo-ops with the same “gangster rappers” they spent years denouncing as filth peddlers and poisoners of the youth. Marjorie Taylor Greene wouldn’t be out here conjuring up fake Black Trump supporters named “African-American Muhammad,” and Trump Jr. wouldn’t be in the media trying to convince us that random Black men regularly walk up to him and call him their “hero.” Sen. Lindsay Graham wouldn’t have been trying so hard in 2022 to make Herchel Walker Black people’s new MLK only to cry about it later after Black voters continued to overwhelmingly say, “Hell no!” This year’s Black Conservative Federation Gala in South Carolina wouldn’t have been so choc full of white people. Trump and other white conservatives wouldn’t be working so hard to spread around white nonsense about Trump’s mugshot and ugly-ass sneakers giving him street cred with Black America.

If this massive influx of Black Trump support was real, why do they all need to band together and engage in this desperate and transparently self-serving campaign to prove it (or at least appear to do so)?

Anyway, meet real Black Trump supporter Michaelah Montgomery.

Montgomery recently went viral in a video that showed her hugging Trump after saying to him, “I don’t care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump, we support you!” while the ex-president was visiting a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta before attending a fundraising event in the area.

Conservative media treated the viral moment like it was a random encounter by a Black Trump supporter who hadn’t strategically positioned herself and a few of her Black friends right up front to set the stage. Of course, it turns out Montgomery is actually the founder of the right-wing Conserve the Culture organization and she worked on Candace Owens‘ Blexit campaign, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Side note: Fox News reported Trump’s Chick-fil-A visit under the headline: “Trump meets everyday Americans at Chick-fil-A while Biden fine dines with the Clintons, billionaires in DC.” They’re really out here trying to present Trump’s photo-op at the fast food restaurant widely known for its support of anti-LGBTQ+ policies like it shows he’s one with the common man as if he doesn’t also eat at expensive restaurants with billionaires and spend his days golfing at the country club he owns where you basically need an 800 credit score just to smell the grass.

Speaking of Fox News, Montgomery’s viral moment scored her an interview on Fox & Friends where she continued her rhetoric about largely fictitious mainstream media outlets that are reporting that Black people hate Trump.

“The general consensus or social media would have you thinking that if President Trump were to show up to the HBCU campuses … that like, some angry mob would form or a riot would ensue and that he would not be welcome, and clearly the sentiment in that room the other day was the complete opposite,” Montgomery, a graduate from HBCU Clark Atlanta University, told Fox’s Lawrence Jones.

“He was very welcome. People were excited to see him. People showed up in support of him, and people, of course, were from all four institutions within the AUC [Atlanta University Center], the local HBCU community in Atlanta, and they all showed up in support of him,” she continued.

A few things:

First, literally no media outlet on social media or otherwise has even insinuated that “if President Trump were to show up to the HBCU campuses” an “angry mob would form or a riot would ensue.” In fact, media outlets on either side of the political aisle have only been reporting on the slight uptick in Black Trump support that recent polls have shown, even though most studies have shown it’s really not all that significant.

From Newsweek:

A recent poll from Pew Research found somewhat contrasting results, with 83 percent of Black voters favoring the Democratic Party, a decline of 3 percentage points from 1994, when 86 percent aligned in this way.

On the other hand, 12 percent support the Republican Party, a one-percentage-point decline from 1994.

Secondly, I wonder if Montgomery is even aware that Trump actually has visited an HBCU before, or that his reception there was far from welcoming.

In 2019, Trump spoke at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. The student protests outside of the building where Trump was speaking were reportedly larger than the crowd inside, which, to be fair, might have had something to do with the fact that only seven students were allowed inside for the speech, according to USA Today.

Still, Montgomery claims he “was very welcome” and that presumably Black “people were excited to see him,” but it’s unclear what that had to do with what his reception at an Atlanta HBCU would be since they weren’t on an HBCU college campus, they were at the fast food spot that really only has one type of chicken that it uses for like 9 different combos and is owned by a guy who would probably change up the menu, but only if it meant gay people couldn’t get married anymore.

All I’m saying is the political posturing is real—unlike massive Black support for the orange guy who consistently broadcasts his hate for Black Lives Matter, critical race theory, DEI, police reform initiatives, and virtually everything else that represents many of the most common values among the Black masses in America.

Go figure.


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