A Catawba woman wins a $1 million lottery prize.

A winning $1 million lottery ticket was sold at Harris Teeter in Charlotte.

A Charlotte man won $100,000 after purchasing a $20 scratch-off ticket at Publix.

If you recently purchased a Powerball ticket in Charlotte, you may want to double-check your numbers. The $2 million winning ticket was purchased at Charlotte’s Sam’s Mart and has yet to be claimed. The ticket numbers matched all five balls drawn in Monday night’s Power Play drawing, winning the lucky person $1 million. An added […]

You still have a chance to win that big money!  Nobody hit the number in Saturday night’s Powerball drawing and the jackpot has jumped to $620 million.  And on Friday, after no one won the top prize in the Mega Millions drawing, that haul has surged to a staggering $1.6 billion — the largest jackpot in U.S. lottery […]

Seven people have been arrested in the death of a $434,000 lottery winner, who was killed during a home invasion in January in Fitzgerald, Georgia, according to the New York Daily News.

Say what you want about this Father, but he has a point about putting your business on Facebook.  If you win money in a “Lottery”…

As the Powerball jackpot prize grows to an all-time U.S. record of $700 million, it’s important to remember that all that glitters is not gold.


Griffey was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He hit another milestone by having the highest voting percentage ever.


On Friday, Holmes posted a $12 million bond, the fourth time she's put up millions since she hit the lottery.


Marie Holmes stole our hearts when she won a $188 million Powerball jackpot. She reportedly used part of her jackpot to bail her fiancé

The Powerball jackpot is a whopping $550 million and our heads are spinning. Carolinians are flocking to convenience store to buy a piece of the action. But seriously, what would you do with all that money? Powerball officials told news media they expect to sell an average of 105,000 tickets a minute Wednesday in advance […]