‼️FREE MEALS FOR KIDS ‼️ Attention! If you are trying to figure how to feed you kids while CMS schools are closed check out this nonprofit organization! It’s working with several local churches to give free meals to children under 18 years. “Please find below, a growing list of locations across our city that will […]

Several cities around North Carolina are making sure residents still have water, regardless of payment, during the coronavirus health crises. The Mayor of Charlotte, Vi Lyles, the Mayor of Charlotte said that in response to the COVID-19, Charlotte Water plans to not disconnect customers if they are not able to pay at this time. And, […]

North Carolina has more than a dozen coronavirus cases and as the number continues to rise around the globe, several cases have come forward in Mecklenburg County. Events are getting postponed or canceled. Everything from the ACC Tournament to St. Patrick’s Day. After canceling the ACC basketball tournament, the conference says it will now suspend […]

Guess who’s kicking off the All Request Lunch today on 105.3 R&B! Deborah Norville from Inside Edition! She’s got great taste in music!  Listen below to find out what she told me about gratitude and the upcoming Oscars! -@ChirlGirl    

“Fears are nothing but a state of mind.”  -Napoleon Hill You have to get in action towards living your best life. You can’t be scared of being less than perfect, because nobody is perfect. You need to relax and actually live your life with the sense of fulfillment that comes from working on goals that […]

Don’t let a Challenge keep you from achieving your Goals! You have to be Persistent!  You have to continue firmly on your path. You have to become Obstinate in your actions, regardless of the level of difficulty and not let anyone’s opposition deter your from your Dreams! Remember to keep praying and keep pushing! -@ChirlGirl

A lot of people are grieving right now, as they watch the images attached to the death of Kobe Bryant.  Here is a poem from Washington Irving, that has helped me look at meaning of tears and sadness. -@ChirlGirl There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. […]

Are you operating on ‘Burn Out?”  Tired, frustrated and not really getting anything done? It happens to everyone! Busy folks get focused on trying to do it all and please everyone.  And life just doesn’t work that way! Something has to change. And that has to be you, prioritizing yourself, as first.  You can’t really […]

Success starts now!  It’s a new year and the time to take action is right now! Don’t take your time on this earth for granted. Stop dwelling on Yesterday or even being anxious about tomorrow. Give Today your best effort. All you have is right now. Let go of “I’ll get to it” and “Maybe, […]

Happy Holidays! Listen out for the 105.3 RNB Holiday Song of the Day for your chance to win incredible prizes! The song for Thursday, Dec. 20th is The Temptation’s “Silent Night!!” -@ChirlGirl

Happy Holidays! Listen out for the 105.3 RNB Holiday Song of the Day for your chance to win Apple Air Pods from Interscope! The song for Monday, Dec. 16th is Stevie Wonders’ Some Day At Christmas!” -@ChirlGirl

Take a moment and help someone. A little Kindness can make a big difference in someone’s day. Kindness is still one of the most powerful forces on Earth. -@ChirlGirl