Charlotte Taps Tomekia Reed as Women’s Basketball Coach

Need a gift for her this Christmas? Check these out.

In celebration of Women's History Month, here are a few of the many Black women who are making significant impacts in society.

Don’t come for me…that’s what Maria Taylor should be saying to her co-worker Rachel Nichols over there at ESPN.  Basically, Rachel was venting about Maria getting a prime-time NBA finals reporting gig because she was black and a woman.  Basically, she claimed that the network was meeting a diversity quota.  Well, that comment got Rachel […]

Chris Brown is under investigation for battery, after cops were reportedly called to a San Fernando Valley home where a  lady claimed that Chis slapped the back of her head so hard that her weave flew off!  Sources close to the story said the lady is okay and did not suffer additional injuries.  At this […]

Johnson C. Smith University introduces a new course that explores the history of Black women dating back to the 19th century. The new hip-hop course being offered has gained national attention, JCSU announced. It was inspired by Grammy-nominated rapper and North Carolina’s very own Rapsody, and her 2019 critically acclaimed album, “Eve. This Hip-Hop Feminist […]

After a month full of celebrating Black Girl Magic, Olympia D of 105.3 RNB, Melanie Pratt of Praise Charlotte 100.9, and Jackie Paige of 92.7 The Block spoke with three amazing women who shared inspiring stories and advice on cultivating black girl magic. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   Special Guest: Tonia […]

Now, this is definitely a hot topic, especially with the people in the faith community!  Many Christians feel that it’s the woman’s job to submit to her husband and that he has the final say on everything.  However, is that realistic?  What’s your thoughts?

This is an age old question that lots of couples have debated.  In my opinion, you should always play to your strengths.  So, if managing money is not your strength, step aside and let a pro take over.  So, who do you think manages money better?  

Most women would choose comfort over style almost any day.  However, when we want to dress up, look nice and be attractive for our mates, so we switch up the game.  But does it really matter when its coming off anyway? Take the poll!

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It’s Valentine’s Day!!  Men are running around trying to find gifts for their significant others.  However, what about the fellas!  Should men get gifts on this special day?