Charlotte Daycare Forced to Close Following Disturbing Video

Here are some tips to help you decrease your kid's screen time.

Through August 31st, children ages 2-12 are able to ride the Amtrak for $5 within North Carolina.

Summer is right around the corner, and if you’re a parent, you may be trying to decide how your kid will spend their time. Luckily, there are still plenty of options for keeping your kids and teens entertained during the day that won’t break your bank. Boys & Girls Club Summer Program About: Camps at multiple […]

Shoutout to my Sorors of the Charlotte Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated who have helped hundreds of local children in need by donating nearly 500 coats to the Steve’s Coats for Kids campaign. Over the past five years, the sorority has collected coats to keep children in the area warm during the […]

It’s the Daily Dilemma!  I remember growing up, my mom had the final say on EVERYTHING!  Whenever we asked our dad anything, he would always say, “What did your momma say?” or “Ask your momma!”  So, I want to know who has the final say when parenting your kids?

Recently, Ladybug launched her own business!  I’m super proud that she is willing to get out in the world and earn her own money.  However, she thinks that she should be able to spend her hard earn dollars on whatever she wants.  This mom disagrees!  What are your thoughts?  

It’s back to school time, which means that parents have to insure that their kids are up to date on their immunization shots.  If you’re child needs immunization shots, check out the Back To School Health Drive this Saturday, July 25th from 8 AM -5 PM.  It will be at the Northwest Health Department located […]

Build-A-Bear is capitalizing on the success of the new movie, “Black Panther”.  They are unveiling their, “Black Panther Bear.”  The bear is sold for $28 on their site.  Click here to check it out!

Being a single parent with kids and dating can be tough!  At every turn you have to think about how your decisions could affect your kids.  So,  what if your kids don’t like your mate.  Does that automatically disqualify your new boo?   What do you think?

When parents cheat in a relationship/marriage, should they tell their kids about the infidelity that ended the relationship? #DailyDilemma #OlympiaDShow #OldSchool1053

No one is an expert on raising kids.  However, there is a definite divide between old school and new school parents.  So when it comes to letting kids voice their opinions are you in agreement, or is that too much like being their friend?