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Here is more information on Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools meal prices for the 2022-2023 school year.

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Here are the dates for each local district's first day of school.

Health officials are advising parents and guardians to update their children's vaccines as the new school year approaches.

Tips to help school mornings go smoother this school year.

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Inflation may cause parents to pay more for back-to-school supplies this year.

Alright parents, while we want to send our children back to school, let’s make sure we’re talking to them about how to keep themselves safe while there. Positive COVID-19 cases for both students and staff at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have increased over the past week. From Jan. 3 to Jan. 9, CMS reported 1,249 positive student cases. This is […]

As parents, we are concerned about our children’s safety, especially when they are out of our sight. With rising covid cases and students making their way back into the classroom, there may be even more concern. Here are a few tips to keep your children safe and relieve some of your worry: Talk to your […]

COVID cases may be soaring but many schools in Charlotte are planning to proceed with in-person classes during the spring semester. Universities such as Queens University and Johnson & Wales have implemented new vaccine and booster mandates for students and staff prior to returning. Students should check with their universities to determine if their university […]

Covid-19 has CMS working overtime to keep our children safe.  Thursday, CMS voted to extend remote learning until February 15th due to the uptick of coronavirus cases.  Click here to read the full story.  

Several CMS parents have filed a lawsuit demanding CMS leaders put kids back in the classroom.  Many believe that it’s too early and experts are predicting the pandemic to worsen in the fall and winter.  However, there are still parents who are pushing for kids to go back to school for face-to-face learning.  Click here […]