Use your rent to build your credit! Here's how.

Here are some ways to negotiate your rising rent prices.

Housing advocates are pushing for rent control in the Charlotte area.

Here is a comparison of the average rent prices in Charlotte and Atlanta.

Charlotte has been named the 7th best place to rent in America for 2022.

Tips to Negotiate Your Rent as Charlotte Rent Prices Rise

Renting in Charlotte is becoming more expensive. Those looking to renew their leases may find that their new rates come with a steep increase. The average monthly rent in March was $1,741. Charlotte landlord and tenant attorney Andrew Gordon said that landlords have the right to increase rental prices following the end of a lease. […]

With current inflation, some may find it challenging to pay their rent. For some Charlotte residents, housing vouchers are the only way to ensure they are not homeless. The problem is, many landlords do not accept these vouchers. Charlotte’s Great Neighborhoods Committee is expected to push for subsidies and vouchers to be more accepted. Under […]

If you’ve been making sure to pay your monthly rent on time, it could boost your credit. All major credit bureaus announced they’ll allow rent payments to count toward credit and loans. Experts say factoring in rent payments could have a positive impact in as little as 10 days. Currently, this can only be done […]

The Olympia D. Show talked to Cheron Porter, the SVP of Inlivian, formerly the Charlotte Housing Authority.  Cheron talked about the services Inlivian offers and the great work they’re doing in the community.  Also, if you’re a client of Inlivian, what you should do if you can no longer pay rent due to the covid-19 […]

Reportedly, R. Kelly is being evicted from the same home that allegedly housed his sex cult in Duluth, GA.  Sources claim that Kellz owes $23,000 in rent and late fees.

In today’s “Money Mondays” segment, Mellody Hobson discusses renting versus purchasing a home. You are here this morning to help our listeners think about renting…