Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to visit North Carolina on Thursday.

Charlotte's general election begins Tuesday.

Late Wednesday evening, Congress voted in favor of making Juneteeth a federal holiday.  Now, the bill is headed to Biden’s desk for the final signature to be signed into law.  This means that June 19th will be commemorated as the official end of slavery for Blacks.  This will be the first new federal holiday since […]

The controversial episode will not be released due to 'creative differences.'

This past weekend, while you might have been enjoying some time off, Stacey Dash was considering a run for Congress. That’s right, the former Fox News correspondent and Clueless star might make a trip to Capital Hill, or a “Dash to D.C.” as she put it. We’d definitely love to meet these folks who’ve […]

Angela Rye has a new BET show, “Angela Rye’s State Of The Union” premiering tonight (January 31) at 10pm. She will have everyone’s favorite “auntie” Congresswoman Maxine Waters to rebut President Trump’s State of The Union address. Of course Quincy tried to get her to run for President and she had a quick answer for […]

Ron Holland sits down with two local pastors from Charlotte to talk about the how religion is effected in today’s generation and how politics also effects the church. You can listen to Part II of this discussion this weekend during Ron Holland’s Community Voices on Praise 100.9 starting at 5am. RELATED: The Founder of […]

On this episode of Community Voices, Ron Holland interviews two Public Relations strategists about the upcoming election in the Queen City. Find out the issues the new mayor will have to face. Take a look at the full interview below: Tune into Ron Holland every weekend at 5am on Old School 105.3!  Want the latest […]

Apparently, a U.S. territory full of fellow citizens isn't worth not even one month of Trump's time.


I’ve never voted for a Republican a single day in my life, but as an American, I found what the Republican Party pulled last week to be deeply embarrassing. For the past 8 years they based their entire identity on opposing and repealing and replacing Obamacare. They held over 60 different nearly unanimous votes over […]

Bow Wow just gave the 2017 demonstration of “when keeping it real goes wrong.” If you haven’t heard, earlier today Trump indulged in his favorite past time by using his Twitter fingers to bash Snoop Dogg by saying he has a “failing career” after the rapper was featured in a new music video where he […]