Here is a comparison of the average rent prices in Charlotte and Atlanta.

Charlotte City Council approved $20 million dollars to go toward affordable housing.

The increase in evictions in Mecklenburg County is a concerning trend.

New multi-family apartments are in the works for Charlotte’s Mill District.

The Charlotte City Council has approved an extra $20 million to fund affordable housing projects in the area.

Housing stability and homelessness are worsening in Charlotte.

Housing advocates are pushing for rent control in the Charlotte area.

Some UNC Charlotte students have been placed in off-campus hotels due to housing issues.

Charlotte has been named the 7th best place to rent in America for 2022.

Charlotte Churches to Provide Affordable Housing

Tips to Negotiate Your Rent as Charlotte Rent Prices Rise

Renting in Charlotte is becoming more expensive. Those looking to renew their leases may find that their new rates come with a steep increase. The average monthly rent in March was $1,741. Charlotte landlord and tenant attorney Andrew Gordon said that landlords have the right to increase rental prices following the end of a lease. […]