LeBron James defends former teammate Kyrie Irving and calls out the media's response to Jerry Jones photo at a Desegregation rally in 1957

Unykue Foucha, the Instagram model who alleged she was pregnant with the child of LaTocha Scott’s husband, Rocky Bivens, is now denying the allegations.

Takeoff's younger brother is still trying to process the rapper's tragic murder. His killer is still on the loose. The post Why Haven’t Houston Police Solved Takeoff’s Murder? Bother Pens Emotional Letter appeared first on NewsOne.

A Charlotte Planet Fitness employee was caught peeping in showers on camera.

Residents in the Charlotte area should prepare for colder nights this week.

The Charlotte City Council has approved an extra $20 million to fund affordable housing projects in the area.

Charlotte pharmacies are struggling to keep up with the demand for Tamiflu as RSV and flu cases rise.

Let's binge Black! Check out six TV shows representing for our culture that you need to be watching this winter TV season.

Watch the trailer of the highly anticipated film based off of true events that took place in 1985, when a bear accidentally ate a large amount of cocaine!

It has been confirmed that Bill Clinton has been infected with COVID-19.