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It seems like with each passing day another black celebrity finds themselves on the wrong side of the black community by supporting “all lives matter” over black lives matter. The latest celebrity to find themselves in the crosshairs of #WokeTwitter and beyond is none other than American Idol winner Fantasia. Her fans and critics were quick to let her know that they were not down with the ALM movement, which prompted her to respond not once, but twice.


Fantasia had hoped to put on a special concert in Charlotte as a response to all of the recent killings, police brutality and racial injustice going on in the country right now. The only problem was that she used “all lives matter” to promote the show and the backlash was immediate. Fans never got a chance to attend the concert because it was abruptly cancelled by law enforcement that feared that the event would cause drama.


After the show was axed, Fantasia and her husband made a video explaining why they used ALM to promote the show and basically stated that they didn’t see a problem with it and that critics should get over it. When that didn’t go over well and the backlash continued, perhaps even stronger than before, it prompted Fantasia to take to her Instagram page to clear things up and offer an apology.


You can check out Fantasia’s Instagram post BELOW:


Not sure when celebs will learn that using the offensive “all lives matter” is a sure way to have not only your fans, but also the general public, in an uproar, especially during such a racially tense time.


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