Fantasia’s Grammy Tribute: “Proud Mary” for Tina Turner

I’m holding it down for everybody that’s not excited about Valentine’s Day! This song, “Free Yourself” was on Fantasia’s debut album from 2004. She was fresh off of her win on American Idol, but, still dealing with old relationship issues.  We have all been there.  Tasia empowered us and helped us to put those old […]

The R&B songstress took to Instagram to ask her fans to pray for her brother.

She made this clear while sharing her mixology skills on Instagram, showing off the drinks she made for herself and husband Kendall Taylor: She said I go harder as a Wife than I do on stage – Not only will I cook a perfect meal for the King, but my mix drink game is becoming […]

If you’ve been on social media this weekend, you may know that Fantasia has suffered  second degree burns on her arm.  Her husband, Kendall Taylor, posted a picture for all of her fans to see on the singer’s Instagram page.  The cause of her injury was not mentioned, but it was serious enough to make […] The National Action Network and TV One presented the annual Triumph Awards on TV One last night and encouraged Americans to vote through powerful spoken word performances like Nick Cannon‘s impassioned rap, speeches by the Mothers Of The Movement and more. Keep scrolling for highlights from the show: Pam & Cole Reunite Tichina Arnold […]


It seems like with each passing day another black celebrity finds themselves on the wrong side of the black community by supporting “all lives matter” over black lives matter. The latest celebrity to find themselves in the crosshairs of #WokeTwitter and beyond is none other than American Idol winner Fantasia. Her fans and critics were […]

Fantasia Barrino has joined the likes of Christina Milian, Raven Symone and Stacey Dash. Over the weekend, she announced her headlining concert in Charlotte, N.C., and fans went crazy after seeing the event’s name: “Hear Me Now! – All Lives Matter.” The dismissive statement, which is a response to the Black Lives Matter outcry, caused social […]

With her fifth studio album “The Definition Of…” in stores now, Fantasia talks about whats the “definition” of her. ‘Tasia also talks about singing different genres of music on this album, “Rock-Soul” and more! Fantasia also challenges Lil Mo to create more music! Check out Fantasia’s new album “The Definition Of…” and more from The Fam above. […]