The Black Lives Matter street mural in the heart of uptown Charlotte is fading and Charlotte City leaders have no plans to repaint it. The mural located on South Tryon between 3rd and 4th street has faded to the point of the message no longer being readable. The vibrant and colorful display was painted following […]

Trump lashed out at New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio for attempting to move forward with his plans for a “Black Live Matter” Mural along 5th Avenue in Manhatten in front of Trump Tower.  Trump claimed on Twitter that the mural was “denigrating this luxury Avenue.”  Also, “This will further antagonize New York’s Finest, […]

One  of the Queen City’s most popular streets is getting a fresh coat of paint with the message: Black Lives Matter. More than a dozen artists and groups are collaborating with the City of Charlotte for the installation. The Mayor of Washington D.C revealed a Black Lives Matters mural leading up to the White House.  […]

Kidz Fed Up & the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Branch of the NAACP will hold a peaceful protest today from 4:45 PM until 6:45 PM. The protest will take place at the Charlotte Government Center located at 600 East 4th St, Charlotte, NC 28202.


It was over before it started. A dozens of White Nationalists rallied at the ‘Unite the Right 2’ rally in Washington DC, hundreds less than the expected amount. Thousands of counter-protesters showed up to voice their displeasure of the “White Supremacist” rally led by Jason Kessler, the organizer Sunday’s event. ALSO READ: Never Forget: Twitter Sounds […]

4/11/17- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Iesha Evans, the Baton Rouge protester whose photo of her standing up to police in riot gear went viral. “It was laughable at best. I was a little disgusted. I see the similarities. I see little key things. They were trying to take away from it being a […]

Leslie Jones can’t seem to get a break. Last year, led by now disgraced “writer” Milo Yiannopoulos, the Saturday Night Live player was viciously harassed online with users comparing her to Harambe the gorilla and sending her porn. These days, she’s facing a backlash after making a joke about white people who claim to support […]


The shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin took place five years in Sanford, Fla., igniting a flurry of activism and discussion on race matters in America. The tragic shooting at the hands of volunteer night watchman George Zimmerman and his 2013 acquittal gave birth to the Black Lives Matter movement, along with a renewed focus […]


Five years after Trayvon Martin’s death, the fight for justice for young Black men continues.

It looks like Nick Cannon is making some major changes after his announced leave from America’s Got Talent. According to Page Six, Cannon has fired members of his long-time team, including his ID-PR publicist Alla Plotkin and his ICM Partners agent Chris Smith. Sources continue that Cannon has recently “got really into religion” and refers to himself […]

A Baltimore teacher, who is White, said that Wells Fargo rejected her bank card designed with the words "Black Lives Matter" and an image of a raised fist. She added that a customer service rep said the company didn't want to be associated with any "antisocial and offensive" organizations.


During the event, actors, activists, and musicians will pay homage to Dr. King with recitations of his most revered speeches, as well as musical performances.