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These two for whatever reason have an uncanny ability to keep serving up the crazy and in this week’s news on the two we learn of the supposed arrangements they have set forth in their pre-nup.


– Kanye will make Kim pay him $500 each time she embarrasses him in public. – Kim will makes Kanye pay her $500 every time he loses his temper. – Kim will pay a $20k fine if she has contact with an ex. – Kanye will give her $10M if they break up because he cheats. – Kanye will pay Kim $5M per child she has for him (up to two more children)

Are these folks serious? This alleged arrangement is laughable and unrealistic. I can’t deal… Good luck guys, no funny business in public, no getting out of pocket, no chattin’ with cats from the past, no stepping’ out on your wifey and Kim no more than 3 little ones. Hey, whatever works…

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