There are very few double standards that benefit women, but cheating is most certainly one of them. While men are read for filth whenever they step outside of their relationship or marriage, women often get nothing more than a proverbial slap on the wrist — if that — when they tip toe into someone else’s […]

A new sex survey reveals one in three people will cheat on their partners at their office Christmas parties! According to a British report from “The Sun” tabloid,  one in three adults admits to cheating on their partner during the Holiday season! A third of the group admitted to messing around with an office buddy […]

I guess we’ll never know if Kirk Frost is really the father of Jasmine Washington’s son Kannon. According to Bossip, Kirk doesn’t have to take a paternity test due to a legal technicality. Judge Debra Turner closed Washington’s case after she failed to serve Kirk with legal papers in the allotted time frame. Washington’s lawyer […]

I’m just going to get straight to the point today!!  Is phone sex cheating?

People withhold sex during their relationship for various reasons.  Some may say it because they are fasting, while others may withdraw sex as a form of punishment.  In any event, if a person refuses to have sex with their mate, does that give the mate a pass to cheat?

We live it different times.  It seems like the institution of marriage and being in a monogamous relationship has been forgotten.  So, is it realistic for a man or woman to be with just one person…no cheating?   #OlympiaDsDailyDilemma

Dating & Social Development Coach Eddie Fews opens up about the way men view monogamy and commitment.


Now, we've gotten a little more insight into the true nature of the song after "Sorry" songwriter Diana "Wynter" Gordon sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly.


In an exclusive interview with HelloBeautiful, Karrine opens up about her marriage to Columbus Short and the photo she posted of his scattered belongings that went viral.

On Wednesday morning, the Twitterverse erupted after a video of Iggy Azalea‘s fiancé, LA Laker, Nick Young openly admitting to cheating surfaced on the world wide web. Reportedly, the video made its rounds on social media last week after being recorded and allegedly leaked by his teammate D’Angelo Russell. Throughout the course of the video, Russell inquires about Young’s […]