The BBB is warning consumers of a new Smart TV Scam.

Officials warn people to be on the lookout for remote job scams as the holidays approach.

The Better Business Bureau reported an increase in job scams.

Officials are warning Mecklenburg County residents to be aware of a new scam taking place in the area.

With the current inflation of prices for daily items, scamming is at a high. These scams are mainly schemes to get victims to send money or give access to passwords or bank accounts. Romance Scam This scam usually occurs on dating apps or social media. An impersonator may form a relationship online and claim to […]

Remember those free at-home test kits that you can order online? Well, there’s a new scam using fake ordering links to get personal information. The BBB warns that the scam has been posted on different social media sites and appears to be legit. The website shows the United States Postal Service logo, however, it asks […]

With free COVID-19 testing becoming more difficult to find, some people are willing to try wherever it seems available. Liz Coyle, executive director of Georgia Watch, warns that those seeking free tests should be careful as scammers are using their vulnerability to steal their identities. Incidents of scamming were recently reported in Atlanta after two […]

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If you’ve been on social media the last few days, you’ve likely seen the name Keaton James trending. The young teenage boy was featured in a tearful viral video where he talks about being severely bullied. The video became so popular that a host of celebrities reached out to him and a GoFundMe account was […]