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Source: Rubberball/Mike Kemp / Getty

Since the start of the pandemic, more firms are now offering remote or hybrid roles, changing the workforce. Unfortunately, it has given opportunities to con artists who wish to take advantage of job seekers.

According to the BBB, con artists have tried to conduct online interviews with potential employees. According to experts, it may be a scam if a company tells you they want to hire you without having seen you in person or digitally.

Here are tips to avoid being a victim of a scam:

  • Emotional appeal 

    Any job that tries to stir up your emotion will inhibit your rational judgment.

  • Sense of urgency – red flag

    Ex. “You MUST act now, or else”

  • Request for payment 

    Gift cards, prepaid credit cards, wire transfers, etc.

  • Explanations that don’t appear true 

    They can not provide a reasonable justification.

  • Too good to be true 

    That’s because it’s not true. That work-at-home job paying “hundreds of dollars” an hour for entry-level office work probably isn’t legit.

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