With winged black eyeliner, you can look every bit the sex kitten. Black Matte Eye Shadow. Starting where your lashes begin, draw a thin line all the way to the outer edges, extending it a half inch up into a wing. Then thicken the line from the midpoint to the outer corner by going over […]

When done right, black shadow, liner and mascara can look striking, not overpowering. Here’s how: Shimmery Charcoal Powder Eye Shadow Sweep it onto your lids and blend to slightly above the crease. Black Kohl Pencil Line your upper and lower lash lines, including the inner “V” connecting them. Black Mascara Brush it onto your upper […]

Cleaning your makeup brushes is an often overlooked yet ridiculously important step in your makeup routine. A makeup brush a breeding ground for a mess of bacteria and dirt that can easily cause breakouts and, according to dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf, can pose a risk of infectious agents like fungus (ringworm), parasites, and viruses too. […]

ELLE MAGAZINE: Beyonce is a bona fide beauty icon who always manages to balance knockout sex appeal with good-girl charm. It’s therefore something of a relief to discover that when the superbusy star finally does get some sleep, she’ll be slipping under the covers with Aquaphor smeared on her face. “I go to bed looking […]

In the last few years Rihanna has blossomed from a cookie-cutter popstar who didn't really stand out, to a fashion icon who is constantly reinventing herself. While Rihanna plays an active part in masterminding each of her new looks, it's her hairstylist Ursula Stephen and make-up artist Karin Darnell who ensure each look is better than the next.

Yes, underwear is built to be tucked away and worn underneath (hence, the name), but there's a growing trend as of late on the streets and runways pointing towards a higher tolerance for stand-alone lingerie.