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It’s Mothers Day and our sister site believe mothers should be honored everyday, not just 1 day out of 365 days in a year. Here are 10 songs that can help you tell mom just how you feel or just how much you love her.

10. Skillz “You Only Get One”

A rare cut off Skillz 2005 “Confessions of A Ghostwriter” album. Skillz manage to be lyrical and deeply express the love he has for his mother who has passed away. Get a good listen now because this track is one that is not all over the net.

9. Nas- Dance

Nas remembers his mother on the God’s Son album track. Many children seem to keep the memory of dancing with their mom or dad. Nas wish he could have had just one more dance with his mom.

8. Musiq- MotherFather

Musiq express how thankful he is for all Motherfather has done for him. In his own classic style he expresses the lesson he learned growing up. I think many parents want to hear that their child has learned from them.

7. Ashanti- Mother

I’m sure Ashanti had no problem expressing her feelings through music for her mom since she has played a very key part in Ashanti’s music career. She and her mom seem to have a very close relationship.

6. Jay-Z- Momma Loves Me

Jay-Z has always stated he grew up with no dad. He raps about all things his Mother had done for him growing up along with the role other family members played in his life.

5. Kanye West – Hey Mama

Kanye loved his mother Donda West very much and we all saw how hard is was for him when she passed. On the “Late Registration” cut, Kanye is making promises and apologizing while telling his mom how he felt.

4. R. Kelly – Sadie

R-Kelly took the time to dedicate one song to his mother off the classic 12 Play album. R-Kelly had a way of putting something new on that old school sound. Considering that most of the songs on “12 Play” were about making love or bumping and grinding this one would stand out.

3. Boyz II Men- A Song For Momma

2. Ghostface Killah – All That I Got Is You

Ghostface just may have had the formula to create this soulful hip hop record or maybe its the Mary J. Blige effect. This is another classic with MJB on the hook for a TUD top 10. This record told the story of many families in New York City and around the world.

1. 2pac – Dear Mama

The time the song was released was very key. Tupac was in prison and had a lot of drama going on in his life. “Dear Mama” told a brief story on where he came from and the role his mother played in getting him to be a man.

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