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FROM REFINERY29: Summertime dressing sometimes means seeing how little you can get away with wearing. And there’s nothing skimpier than lingerie. Yes, underwear is built to be tucked away and worn underneath (hence, the name), but there’s a growing trend as of late on the streets and runways pointing towards a higher tolerance for stand-alone lingerie. SOURCE


(1) Paired with high-waist skirts or pants, bustier styles are a chic and form-flattering alternative to tank tops. For especially hot days or nights, let a sliver of skin peek out for an unexpected, but still classy, reveal.


Let sleek bodysuits with funky patterns or sheer fabrics creep out from (2) under looser fitting layers or revealing tank tops. Or, simply (3) pair with skirts or shorts for a look that’ll always stay tucked in.


It’s the oldest trick in the book to let a little lace show, but these styles prove that showing your straps is hardly skanky. (4) Layered beneath sheer tops or barely-there tanks, the bra-peek is a fun way to cool down while heating things up.


We know, you absolutely live in your denim cut-offs come summer weather. But can we suggest adding a new pair of shorts to the rotation? (5) With pretty tops and blazers, this boudoir mainstay gets elevated to high-street potential.

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Celebrities have been taking part in this trend for the last few months. However, they seem to be the only ones who can get away with rocking leotards without pants.

We do not condone this!