Charlotte is expected to see high heat indices and strong storms on Thursday.

Cooling stations are open to residents in Mecklenburg County due to the extreme heat.

Heat can have some extreme effects on your car this summer. Here's what to look out for as the temperatures increase.

The summer is right around the corner, so here are some tips to keep air-conditioning costs low.

The Miami Heat star shared a series of Snapchats from bed as he cuddled next to his wife Gabby after attending Public School’s fashion show in New York.

Are your fresh flowers wilting faster than you’d like? Here are some tips to help keep them vibrant for a full week from Day 1 A sizable urn lends itself to a voluminous, garden-style bouquet, like this bevy of pink cabbage roses. Remember to change the water daily, trim the stems at an angle […]

There are advantages and disadvantages to both renting and buying…from when something breaks–who’s going to fix it, to not having to worry about making noise–after all it’s my house and there are no nosy neighbors to worry about. Here are ten reasons to rent instead of own from 1. Fancier Living: You may not […]

I came across this little tidbit today’s while reading the NY Daily News, about Beyonce’s perfume launch party two nights ago: