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Are your fresh flowers wilting faster than you’d like? Here are some tips to help keep them vibrant for a full week from

Day 1

A sizable urn lends itself to a voluminous, garden-style bouquet, like this bevy of pink cabbage roses. Remember to change the water daily, trim the stems at an angle every few days, and keep the flowers away from direct heat and sunlight.

Day 3

Discard dried leaves and withered blossoms and transfer the healthy ones to a more modest but similarly shaped vessel befitting a smaller bouquet.

Day 5

As more flowers perish, tightly cluster the remaining ones in a diminutive round vase, which perfectly underscores the now wide-open blooms.

Day 7

It would be a shame to throw out even one beautiful rose. Float it in a pretty teacup or glass and place it on a bedside table.


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