What better than watching 2 of the best teams in the NFL go head to head for the title?  The halftime perform!  And Pepsi is not holding any punches.  The 2022 Super Bowl halftime is going to be EPIC!  You want to know why??  I got several reasons….Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop, and Mary […]

Dr. Dre has to be tired of his ex-wife, Nicole Young, digging into his pockets.  Recently, a judge ruled that Dre owes his wife another cool mil…that $1.55 million dollars to be exact!  This is on top of the $300,000 monthly temporary spousal support.  The $1.55 million ruling is for Nicole’s attorney’s fee and an […]

Dr. Dre is officially back on the market after a judge signed off on his request to divorce his estranged wife, Nicole Young.  However, the former couple’s fight in court is not over.  They are both still contesting the validity of their pre-nup, which Nicole said that Dre agreed NOT to enforce after they were […]

Big ups to Dr. Dre!!  Recently, he donated $10 million to help build a performing arts center at a new Compton High School.  Dre said, “It’s my goal to provide kids with the kind of tools and learning they deserve.”

Forbes has released its “Top 10 List Of The Most Wealthiest Artists Of 2017!”  Well, we’ve condensed the list to the top 5 and they are listed below and the amount of money that heave made! #1  P. Diddy is “King of the Throne” making $820 million. #2  Jay-Z upped his game,but fell a few […]

BET has announced that they will be airing a six -part documentary series about Death Row Records.   The series is entitled, “Death Row Chronicles”,and as BET reports, it will give fans “an unflinching look at the label and its legacy.”  We’ll get to see the rise of one of the most popular and dangerous […]


The Lifetime biopic Surviving Compton — also known as Dr. Dre‘s ex-girlfriend Michel’le‘s attempt to write herself back into history after she was literally erased from Straight Outta Compton — aired last night, despite Dre’s many attempts to get it shut down. The rap mogul’s vicious abuse of Michel’le was front and center in the […]

When Straight Outta Compton debuted last year, Hollywood was buzzing over the movie about the rise of NWA that became an instant hit. But among all the chatter were whispers wondering why Michel’le Toussaint was nowhere to be found in the narrative even though she was a huge part of their history. By the time Surviving […]

Michel'le pulled no punches (no pun intended) in her Lifetime biopic, which depicts the singer's allegedly abusive relationship with Dr. Dre.

Forbes announced their annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings list and Puff Daddy reigns supreme once again.