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While I don’t usually take my horoscopes too seriously, today’s prediction had an interesting line in it: “One your favorite themes is about the preservation of things from the past that have value to present and future situations.” I find that to be very telling because at least in my life, events from the past have never failed to pop up in my mind during times of learning. There really isn’t a difference between the present, past, and future, as they’re all just variations of time: one is now, one was then, and one is coming up. The past can be a valuable tool in knowing what to do for the future, but it also is important to know when to embrace what’s new and not put complete stock in what happened before. Events can change based on your mindset at the time or because of any number of factors ranging from new insight to unexpected circumstances that arise. It’s always good to be able to distinguish between what’s under your control and what could possibly surprise you. It is possible to keep the past in mind, but also completely move on to a new and different future. What are some ways to balance what you already know with what you’re yet to learn?

1. Accept the knowledge that you already have. The main idea is to store your past wisdom, yet remember to view the world from all sides: past, present, and future. Life doesn’t work if you don’t look forward, backward, and right in front of you. If you have a balanced view of what’s happening in your life and a plan for upcoming scenarios, then you’re all set and prepared to embrace your future. It can sometimes be hard to accept the facts that come up, but once you’re able to see your life from all angles, it’s easier to keep in the present moment.

2. Take chances (within reason!) If you don’t use your skills and knowledge to move forward with something that’s not a “sure thing,” then are you truly living? Once in a while, it’s good to take a chance on something that’s not completely certain and see what happens. Of course, that’s within reason, as there are some risks that could have dire consequences and shouldn’t ever be attempted. However, the type of risks that I’m talking about are ones involved in meeting people, going somewhere new and different, or just doing something you wouldn’t normally do that’s not overly dangerous. It’s important to see your future as an open canvas and something that should be experimented with. Thus, exploring the chances that life throws at you is a vital lesson to learn in life!

3. Dare to be different. Does it really pay to stay the same as you were in the past? While it’s important to take life lessons from the past and apply them to your future, keeping yourself in a steady stream of change ensures that you will evolve over time. As well as changing over time, living in the present rather than always looking forward or backward forces you to keep your head up high and embrace whatever comes up in your life. If you’re keeping your life fresh and interesting, it’s easy to take the lessons you’ve learned and apply them to a brand new you! SEE MORE BELOW THE GALLERY!

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4. Take cues from what’s happening in front of you. Are you noticing the little things that are happening in your life, or are you far too focused on the past? It might be easy to stay in the safety net of what’s already occurred, but you could miss something important or life-changing if you’re not really seeing everything that’s going on around you. Stay planted firmly on the ground and don’t forget where you are. All you have is now, so let go of what’s already happened and keep moving forward.

5. Don’t live in the past (but don’t forget it altogether!) Very similar to #4, don’t live your life in what’s already happened. The past is the past and although you can learn a lot from past experiences, you could miss out on life if you’re not paying attention to the present. Reflecting on the past is not a bad thing at all, but that shouldn’t be ALL that you do. There’s only so much you can learn from your personal history. If you really want to keep living and moving on with your life, you have to create new memories and not stay stagnant in one place. Live your life in TODAY, not YESTERDAY.

6. Be an optimist. Keep your head held high at all times and nothing can bother you. While sometimes things might not go your way, the way to move into the future and keep the past held at arm’s length is to embrace everything as a learning experience. If you’ve learned from it, then you can move on and not make the same mistakes again. Keeping the faith that everything happens for a reason, even if it’s not a good situation, keeps you living in the present and seeing a good future. Once this optimism is established, you can tuck the past into a bottle and keep it with you as a reminder, not a hindrance. Nothing can shake someone who’s head is high and thoughts positive.

7. Keep your ambitions strong. If you’re living in the present with established goals, then your life has a balance of experience and ideas for the future. Keeping ambitious thoughts around helps you move toward something greater while not straying out of bounds in pessimism. By keeping #6 alive and wanting to do something important with your future, you’re strengthening your ties to what you know and pushing them further into uncertainty. As I said in #2 about taking chances, having goals in life is very important and can have a positive impact on how you live your life. Keeping firmly grounded in experience, but moving toward something greater is a strong life skill and can be a catalyst for how others view your competence. If you can keep your ambitions alive for the duration of your life, then you can always further your life and not fall into boredom or laziness. Being driven in life is a great way to be, therefore, us sisters should always keep our ambitions high – you’re strong enough to soar!

6 Ways To Push Yourself Mentally

In general, if you stay firmly planted in all aspects of your life: past, present, and future, then you can have a balanced view of your life and be strong, independent women in your own right. By keeping everything in perspective, you’re able to never lose sight of who you are and where you’re going. There’s always something new happening in your life, regardless of the past, therefore keeping ambition and strength in your back pocket can be a vital tool to staying grounded and never straying from your plans. Stay strong, sisters, and never look back!