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Things tend to get messy in any divorce. They get even more messy when there are millions of dollars involved and kids. Just ask Tiger Woods. Besides paying his soon to be ex-wife millions in dollars, he also has to follow some of her new ground rules. The most important regulation being that he can only bring a new chick into their lives if he has MARRIED her.

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I understand and appreciate Elin’s attempt at protecting her children from Tiger’s promiscuous ways and revolving door of women. However could this decision add more flame to the fire? My issue with the agreement is wouldn’t it make sense to at least introduce the kids to the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with before you get married to them? Although I do not think that your kids should meet every single person you date. This introduction is usually done once you see the relationship heading down the path of marriage. Is it fair to the kids to spring a new step mom on them that they never even have met before and have not had the opportunity to build a relationship with? No, it’s not fair. After some time it is reasonable to think that a potential step mom would also build her own relationship with the kids as well. Not doing this only poses the chance that this could also possibly bring more confusion and drama into their lives in the future.

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Another way to look at the situation is to pose the question as to whether she has the right to regulate her ex-husbands activities with their kids? After all, he is an important part of their lives as well and as their Father he has the right to raise them as he pleases just as she does. This also sparks the questions as to when is the best time to introduce your kids to your significant other? How does one decide? I firmly believe that deep down Elin thinks that Tiger is incapable of committing to a woman and has no real worries of him ever bringing a new woman into their children’s lives under the regulations that she has laid out. However, she knows that it is her job to protect her children.

How soon should you bring your children around your new significant others? Does Ellin have the right to restrict Tiger from when/ who he can and cannot bring around the kids? Is it fair to the children to only meet a potential step mom/dad right before marriage?

Via: The Sun

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