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It is a common belief that women are unable to handle heartbreak because they are clearly the more emotional creatures of the two genders. I am here to tell you that that might not be the case as often as you might assume. In fact, I generally believe that men are not nearly as equipped to handle a break up  or heart break as a woman is partly because of how women are raised versus men. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily true for every single men or every single woman. Check out the five reasons…

1. Men Handle Emotions Differently

Women are generally more emotional creatures. We are in fact taught from a very young age to express our feelings, and to be loving and kind and soft. While little boy are taught the opposite. They are often molded to be tough, and that crying or showing any emotion other than anger is a sign of weakness. So when it comes time for men to express their emotions and thoughts they have a much harder time opening themselves up and dealing with the sense of vulnerability that they may feel. In fact when faced with emotions some men react act like hurt little boys and strike back with anger. Reinforcing the idea that they should lean towards being angry about something that hurts them emotionally rather than acknowledging their sadness.

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2. The Caveman Philosophy

Men are wired to be hunters, and protectors. This goes back to the caveman philosophy where the man was the provider so it was in his nature to be possessive over his family and his female companion. Which is why a man may feel a sense of loosing a possession of sorts when the woman he loves leaves him or wants to leave. This is especially true if it is for another man.

3. Creatures Of Habit

Men are creatures of habit. It is usually much more of a task for them to switch out of a certain mind state that they have been living in for years at a time unless they are completely mentally prepared. This is why some men stay with a woman for years on end despite the fact that they no longer have any interest in her.

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4. Attachment

This is in connection with number 1. Since a man handles emotions differently, this means that when he allows himself to be open and fall in love with someone, he often times falls very hard. Which makes it even harder to become unattached to the person he is with. This is why it sometimes takes them longer to truly get over an ex-girlfriend even is he is in a new relationship. He may find himself comparing and contrasting the two or dating someone who is very similar to the ex-girlfriend.

5.  Life Experience

Women are also taught since they were little girls that men are dogs and that ultimately at some point in their life, they are going to have their heart broken by one. One would assume that the average woman experiences heartbreak in a relationship more often in her lifetime than her male counterpart. So, she has the time and experience to know how to deal with a potential case of heartbreak better than a man. Little boys are not necessarily taught that girls are out to break their heart or get in their pants. So, when something like this happens, it can really hit a man harder because chances are he has had less life experience and preparation for dealing with it.

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