Now, this is definitely a hot topic, especially with the people in the faith community!  Many Christians feel that it’s the woman’s job to submit to her husband and that he has the final say on everything.  However, is that realistic?  What’s your thoughts?

This is an age old question that lots of couples have debated.  In my opinion, you should always play to your strengths.  So, if managing money is not your strength, step aside and let a pro take over.  So, who do you think manages money better?  

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It’s Valentine’s Day!!  Men are running around trying to find gifts for their significant others.  However, what about the fellas!  Should men get gifts on this special day?

Daily Dilemma Question:  If a woman hits a man, is it okay for a man to hit her back?

Some people have blamed victims for sexual assaults that have occurred to them, especially if they were dressed provocatively.  It’s as if, by “dressing down” you can somehow avoid it. What do you think?    

It’s the age old questions!  Who are the biggest babies when they get sick…men or women?

Tomorrow, March 8th is National Women’s Day and we’re celebrating with “A Day Without A Woman”!  We’re encouraging ladies to stand up for their own gender equality by NOT working.  Even if you can’t take off from your job, you can still participate by wearing red.  The color red represents revolutionary love and sacrifice. Also […]

A blended family is a beautiful thing when all the communication is happening freely. A woman with three kids ,who has just recently gotten married to a man with three kids, is having a bit of difficulty uniting the home. Issues like these, Spirit says, are totally common when two people and their kids from […]

Special K is still trying to wrap his head around this nation-wide transgender bathroom debate. This time, he did a little research to get a better handle on the concepts involved. Check out the video above to see what he had to say in this exclusive clip from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”  Sign Up For […] So, this is where he gets his good looks. How could Michael B. Jordan possibly break the internet? Apparently, by sharing a picture of the men in his family. The Creed star posted the above shot during a holiday gathering and there’s no shortage of handsome in this group of fellas. With over 61,000 […]

Michael Strahan is adding fashion designer to his long list of jobs!!  The Collection by Michael Strahan is his collaboration with  J.C. Penny to produce his own line of men’s clothes to include suits, sports coats, shirts, ties and accessories!  At prices that won’t break the bank…$200 or less! Check out The Collection by Michael […]