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When it comes to Bill O’Reilly, you don’t grab the popcorn, you grab the Advil because 99 percent of the time, you’re going to hear some bull from a man who refuses to understand anything that is not pro-White man or of archaic politics. The kicker this time is from his latest episode of The Bill O’Reilly Show, following the news of Darren Wilson not receiving federal charges for murdering unarmed Michael Brown. O’Reilly believes “all of those people who committed crimes in the name of Michael Brown or judged officer Wilson without the facts should be ashamed this evening. But of course, most of them are not.” Good Lordt!

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As the video clip shows, this is how O’Reilly manipulates his loyal viewers, while trying to persuade the rest of us to follow his lead. Right before he said that disrespectful quip, he choose to play a November 24th surveillance clip of looters disguised as protesters bum-rushing a convenience store during the Ferguson protests.

We’re wondering why O’Reilly didn’t show the news clippings, Vine videos and tweets from those live on the scene that showed plenty real protestors protecting and standing in front of beauty shops and stores to encourage those in their community to not riot and behave non-violently? What O’Reilly did was a total disservice to the many that have come out non-violently in support of Brown and long list of too many unjustified deaths across America. His overt disregard for why so many Black people are hurt and upset at the judicial system goes beyond exposing his insensitivity; it illuminates what many of us have suspected already, which that he has racist outlooks and pretends to care for the well-being of the people of color in America.

He also had this to say,”We are essentially living in a nation that is unfair and not because of income or inequality, or bias against skin color but because we the people often form judgments based on nothing.” Essentially? And then nothing? We guess the Civil Rights movement was for NOTHING and the Millions March this past December was for NOTHING, oh and the Fulton-Martins and Davis‘ and Diallos and McBrides laying their loved one to rest from racism perpetuated by White cops and neighbors was for NOTHING.

It’s scary that a man like O’Reilly has a platform to spew his lopsided views on race in America and has made millions from it. We will continue to call him out so long as he makes these types of comments about us.

What do you think beauties? Sound off in the comments below.


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