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Joia Jefferson Nuri, Andrew Lee, Yesha Callahan and “NewsOne Now” guest host Jeff Johnson discuss the Center for American Progress‘ report that states the racial achievement gap could cost the United States $2.3 trillion in economic growth by 2050.

From the Center for American Progress:

Our nation is currently experiencing growing levels of income and wealth inequality, which are contributing to longstanding racial and ethnic gaps in education outcomes and other areas. These large gaps, in combination with the significant demographic changes already underway, are threatening the economic future of our country. Thus, closing racial and ethnic gaps is not only key to fulfilling the potential of people of color; it is also crucial to the well-being of our nation. This report quantifies the economic benefits of closing one of the most harmful racial and ethnic gaps: the educational achievement gap that exists between black and Hispanic children and native-born white children.

Joia Jefferson Nuri, CEO of In The Public Eye Communications told Johnson, “I think this is a cultural conversation … Can we be a culture that can put our race divide, our class divide aside enough not to keep moving education until it hurts us.” She also said, “We should all know that if everybody in the family has an education the family makes more money, but are we so racist, are we so classist, that there is a group of people that we just don’t want to help?”

Listen to their entire conversation below.

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