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Here we go again. Another year. Another resolution to get in shape. What’s it going to be this year? Join a gym? Hire a personal trainer? How about trying something completely different this year?

The world of fitness is so broad, but so often we get stuck in the rut of gyms and monotonous exercise machines. Last year, I took a break from years of weights and jogging to train with high school football players over the summer and to try the fitness DVDs “Insanity” (loved it) and “P90X (didn’t like it). I also challenged myself to participate in the “Warrior Dash” race.

This year, I’m returning to my weights and treadmill to kick-off the year. I’ll add boxing in February and I’m planning to mix in some swimming at some point. I’m also seriously considering tossing in Crossfit. I debating training for the Ragnar Relay. Whatever I decide to do, I’m planning to mix it up and keep my fitness regiment fresh. Try it, you might like it.