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If you go see Lauryn Hill in concert hoping to hear her greatest hits, you may be disappointed, because most of them sound NOTHING like the original. At this year’s New York stop of Rock The Bells, Lauryn acknowledged the criticism and said, “You always hear people saying things like, ‘she does the old music but she doesn’t do it the old way.”

So why does she do it? “When I get onstage and I’m in front of you, my heartbeats go faster,” Lauryn explained. “So sometimes we’ve got to bring these tempos up so I can move a little faster.”

Performing a song hundreds of time can get redundant for an artist, and part of the live experience of seeing an artist in concert is getting a modified version of the music. But most of Lauryn Hills songs are borderline unrecognizable in concert.

Here are 10 Lauryn Hill songs butchered by Lauryn Hill, and let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


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“Doo Wop (That Thing)”

Lauryn Hill mashes up her biggest hit with Amerie’s “1 Thing.” Thumbs down.

“Everything Is Everything”

The epic vibe of the original shifts to a soundtrack that is too busy in the live version.


This is Lauryn Hill’s most heartfelt songs, but here, it’s repetitive and borderline annoying.

“The Final Hour”

This isn’t horrible, but it’s just off.

“Killing Me Softly”

She transforms a mid-tempo masterpiece into a mess by changing the arrangement and making it almost unrecognizable.

“Lost Ones”

Lauryn said she likes to speed her songs up when she performs live, but if makes her delivery sloppy.

“Nothing Even Matters”

She over sang it, but the guy filling in for D’Angelo keeps it sultry while Lauryn overdoes it.

“The Sweetest Thing”

The way she sings this is disappointing and nowhere near as sweet as the song featured on the “Love Jones” soundtrack.

“To Zion”

L-Boogie abandons the simple and feel of her maternal anthem in favor of a loungy flavor. Pass.

“When It Hurts So Bad”

Again, Lauryn takes a beautiful song, gives it a soundtrack fit for a lounge, and makes it feel cheesy.