A few weeks ago, we learned that Wendy Williams was infected with Covid-19 and voluntarily went to the hospital to seek treatment for her mental health.  Reportedly, she was scheduled to return to her Wendy Williams Show on October 4th.  However, we’re now learning that it will take a little longer for her to recover.  […]

Please send a prayer up for Wendy Williams! The Queen of Day Time Television has just revealed that she’s been living in a sober house with other recovering addicts and tackling addiction! She’s been living the real struggle of dealing with her addiction to cocaine and is actively working on her recovery…while filming the show […]

Honey, put your turban on and let’s get ready!  Nick Cannon is going to be taking over The Wendy Williams Show! At least for a little while!  Nick will host the show from February 4 – February 6, as Wendy continues on her ongoing hiatus. Y’all know it’s been a long year for Wendy!  She […]

Is Wendy Williams being abused by her husband, Kevin Hunter?! According to the National Enquirer, Pearlet Hunter, Wendy’s mother-in-law, says that she has witnessed her son choking and kicking Wendy!  She went on to say that she have even seen him push Wendy down the steps, too! Wow, when your mama busts you out to […]

Wendy Williams denies the rumours that her husband, Kevin Hunter, is expecting a baby with his alleged side piece, Sharina Hudson. This is the same chick that Kevin bought a house for in his neighborhood.  The same neighborhood that he and Wendy live in!  Word is that they have been messing around for over 10 […]


Wendy Williams found herself in the hot seat after questioning the Clark Sisters’ accomplishments.

The gossip queen may have had some health setbacks, but this look is letting us know she's "gucci."

The talk show host reveals her health issues came to a head after missing three doctors appointments due to her busy schedule.

Talk show host Wendy Williams announced that she has Graves’ disease. “The Wendy Williams Show” host made the announcement during Wednesday’s show, saying the show will go on break for three weeks starting on Thursday in order for her to focus on her health. “My doctor has prescribed … are you ready? As of today, three […]

Wendy Williams is back to her old tricks. Days after Fergie’s disastrous National Anthem performance at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, Williams decided to give Fergie a little … well, “support?” During her daily monologue for The Wendy Williams Show, Williams decided to poke the nest of music’s most “stay ready” group of fans, the […]