Recently, we have heard the cry to decriminalize marijuana.  It mostly stems from how black men have disproportionately been incarcerated due to their involvement and possession of the plant.  But what does decriminalizing marijuana mean?  Well, according to the Super Lawyers website, decriminalizing mean that marijuana will still be illegal, but instead of facing a […]

Have you heard?  Coca-Cola is working on cannabis-infused drinks! A Coca-Cola spokesman says that “We are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world.” CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in weed that doesn’t get you high but helps treat pain. Talk about a “Coke and a […]


On April 20, the cannabis community will be celebrating 4/20; a day in that began as a weed smoking moment of solidarity. As years went by, it’s eventually evolved into a day of awareness and myth busting. There’s still a lot of weed smoking, though. Regardless of anyone’s personal stance on cannabis, everyone likely realizes […]


Just a few things this election didn't screw up.

For all of the naturalists, 420’s and marijuana enthusiasts out there, I have some good news!  California, Nevada and Massachusetts have join the short list of states that have legalized marijuana.  This brings the total to 7 states.

Facing 24 years, she's probably missing her old job right about now.

Seth Rogen is a comedian, actor, writer and creator of the new film, “Sausage Party.” The star-studded, R-rated animated film is raunchy, wildly inappropriate, and the current number two movie in the country. The animated adventure took ten years to make! He explains why it took so long and why it was actually the most […]

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We all saw the videos of Malia Obama dancing up a storm during Lollapalooza but now another video may get the 18-year-old in trouble with her Presidential pops. According to reports, one of Malia’s friends sent tabloid website Radar Online a video of Malia smoking what looks like Marijuana. “I caught Malia smoking pot and I […]

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg is looking to switch up the narrative and respectability politics surrounding the marijuana business with a line of products geared towards those who suffer from menstrual cramps.

Bow Wow just put out a PSA and it's all about the dab.