Follow Terence Lester’s journey from Atlanta to Washington, D.C.! He’s walking from Atlanta to DC to bring awareness to poverty in the U.S.  and he’s passing through Charlotte today.  Check out the video and read more about how you can support his efforts here.

I remember back in the 90s when my mom would go “power walking” after dinner and I would be in awe. I would try to…


  2-year-old Kayden Kinckle has become a viral sensation thanks to a video his mother captured and posted to Facebook. The video shows Kayden taking…

In one of the more recent pictures of Halle Berry that is floating online, she is carrying her daughter on her hip while walking down the street. Halle’s daughter Nahla is about 4 years old.

Via: WebMD.Com As women age, the threat of gaining weight increases. There seems to be a solution to this problem. A new study shows women who are at a healthy weight already and get an hour of moderate activity every day can avoid gaining any unwanted pounds. A lot of research has been done to […]

VIA:  Health.Com By : Amanda MacMillan ChiWalking emphasis good posture, loosens joints, and relaxes the arms and legs, making walking easier on the body. ChiWalking originated from ChiRunning, a practice invented by ultramarathoner Danny Dreyer to help runners learn to land on their mid-foot (the most efficient way to run long distances) and prevent shin splints […]