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In one of the more recent pictures of Halle Berry that is floating online, she is carrying her daughter on her hip while walking down the street. Halle’s daughter Nahla is about 4 years old. I noticed one of the main responses to the picture is that the daughter was too old to still be carried by her mother.  I agree that at some point a child can become too big to be carried on a constant basis. However, I see nothing wrong with an occasional request for a “pick me up” as my mother and I like to call it, even from a 4 or 5 year old.

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I have a nephew who is now 7 years old. When he was 4 and 5 I was still picking him up and even allowing him to sit on my lap.  Hell, I allow him to sit on my lap now if he wants it. Older women in my family would tell me to put him down; he is too big for that etc… I honestly could have cared less at the time. That is probably the feeling Halle has.

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A child deserves to feel love, to receive affection, to be held, to be comforted, and even to be cradled at times. There should be no age limit to this requirement. Of course I think it is foolish and counterproductive to a child’s growth for any parent to constantly carry their toddler on a day to day basis. Never letting their feet hit the ground while in public. However, a “pick me up” on occasion is perfectly normal.  I also do not agree with the statement that showing a child too much affection is how a child gets spoiled. My Grandmother and I held hands, hugged and cuddled to the day she died 6 months ago. In fact, getting in the bed with her in the morning to have our morning talk is one of my most fond memories of our time together. Let me add the detail that these are things I did with her regularly even as an adult.

Part of the problem we have now is that many kids feel a lack of love, emotion, and affection. There is a strong coldness and emotional disconnect that is within the younger generation. Perhaps if we supply them with more love, and more affection then that wall of stiffness and anger that they have will start to crumble.

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