North Carolina's early voting has a better turnout than during the 2018 midterms.

Early voting will continue this week in Mecklenburg County.

Thousands of North Carolina felons are now eligible to vote.

Early voting began Thursday in North Carolina. Here's what to know.

Charlotte's general election begins Tuesday.

This 2020 Election is extremely important to our community.  We don’t want anyone to miss their opportunity to let their voice be heard because they don’t have a ride to the polls.  So, click the link to view the list of free and discounted rides to the polls.  Click here for the list.

The 2020 election is approaching fast and we want to make sure that we’re all prepared to cast our votes.  If you need to confirm your voting status, register to vote, or need to find your voting precinct, visit .  Remember the deadline to register to vote is October 9, 2020 and the deadline […]

Did you know that John Legend had a parent who was incarcerated and because of that he has always been motivated to act on criminal justice reform. According to “Bustle” magazine, “Legend says he “genuinely cares” about criminal justice reform as his mother was arrested more than once on drug-related charges, and he has family […]

Vote! Vote! Vote! Invite your church to go vote together! That’s right! Let’s get these “Souls To The Polls!” Encourage your church members and others to exercise their right to vote. At my church, St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church, we ate dinner together in the Fellowship Hall, right after Sunday Worship Service. Then, we loaded […]

After just five days of early voting, more than 450,000 people have voted, according to statistics compiled Monday. This type of action changes elections. Early voting ends on November 3rd in North Carolina. Have you voted yet? The North Carolina Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement has made it easy for you to find all […]

The days are flying by as we get closer and closer to the midterm elections and Barack Obama is not trying to hear your excuse for not voting! Check out our favorite former president responding to some of the excuses that people give for not making it to the polls! Please exercise your right to […]

Yesterday, federal court judges announced that they find North Carolina’s legislative districts to be so racially biased that they will require the state to redo its elections next year, rather than in two years. The Tar Heel State will have to redraw 28 of its legislative districts. Earlier this summer, the court found that state […]