The first one-on-one debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be on Tuesday, September 29th at 9 PM (ET)  There’s a lot riding on this presidential election.  So, please watch and be informed.  Then, get registered to vote and go out and VOTE!!    

Donald Trump’s day didn’t start off well!  While he and Melanie paid their respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, he was booed.  Then the crowd began to chant, “VOTE HIM OUT!”  Click the link below to see it for yourself.

Recently, North Carolina residents have stated that they received absentee ballots with Trumps’s picture on it.  One of those residents who received the mailer was John Herter.  Herter asked his wife, “Is this a joke?” As she opened up the mailer to reveal a photo of Trump grinning underneath the words, “Are you going to […]

This old debate has been dug up by the Trump Administration and  there are people in favor and against the idea.  Where do you stand?  Do  you think that food stamp recipients should be drug tested to receive services?

Trump’s tweets always give us a glimpse into his inner thoughts and foretells his plans.  Despite not having the authority, Trump floated the idea of delaying the 2020 election on Thursday morning on Twitter.  Trump tweeted: “With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election […]

It has been reported that Republican Herman Cain, a Trump Supporter, has passed away at the age of 74 from Covid-19.  Cain contracted the coronavirus shortly after attending Trump’s Tulsa Rally.  Click here for more details. 

Recently, hospitals have been instructed to send virus data to the Trump Administration instead of the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).  Personally, I think the poses an issue because we all know that the Trump Administration has been trying to downplay the seriousness of the coronavirus and has continuously lied about various important […]

Well, the Republican Party and the Trump administration decided to take the RNC convention from Charlotte, NC to Jacksonville, Florida for a proposed “unrestricted” event.  However, they didn’t bank on Florida becoming the #1 hotspot for Covid-19.  Due to the surge in coronavirus cases in Florida, several attorneys have banned together and filed a lawsuit […]

Just when you thought that Trump could not do anything worse, he does!  Today, Trump threatened schools that if they did not open in the fall, he would cut federal funding.  Many people are wondering if he can do this.  Click here to read the full story.

It seems like the Impeachment process is starting to get to Number 45! Trump was rushed in an unannounced trip to Walter Reed Medical Center for “regular, primary preventive care.” Two days later, Trump’s physician issued a late-night statement: “Despite some of the speculation, the president has not had any chest pain, nor was he […]

Cheerleaders at a North Carolina high school are now off of probation after posing with a Trump 2020 banner at a football game last month — a decision that has sparked criticism and debates about student rights to free speech. The school board said the probation was not meant to be a punishment but instead […]

TMZ asked Martin Luther King, III what his father would have said about the goverment shut down and he said that he would have viewed the shutdown as “inhumane” and he blames Trump for making life miserable for federal workers. He went on to say that if a wall is needed, it should not come at […]