Charlotte mom, Chanda Spate, developed an app to help improve teen mental health after her high school son suffered bullying. Spate spent over three years developing the mobile app after her son attempted suicide following an incident that occurred at Hopewell High. The app is named the “DDAAT App”,  an acronym for “Digi-Dad Advice Any Time”. […]

If you have children, it may be no surprise that childcare is expensive. In Charlotte, it costs some parents more to cover childcare than it does to cover tuition at UNC Charlotte. Mecklenburg County is offering a new program to help families cover these costs. The program will provide up to two years worth of childcare vouchers. […]

If you missed the first distribution of the $335 Extra Credit Grant for NC parents who have children in their household that is 17 years and younger, don’t worry.  You still have an opportunity to apply for the grant that is given to NC parents to help with remote learning and child care expenses.  The […]

  We’ve all heard of instances where parents, for whatever reason, have decided to be absent from their child’s life.  This usually leaves a heavy burden on the custodial parent to raise that child by themselves.  So, when that parent decides to settle down with someone else who wants to adopt their child, do you […]

Last week Kevin and Eniko Hart welcomed a brand new baby girl, Kaori Mai Hart, into the world.  The new edition turned The Harts into a family of 6.  Check out the precious pic of mom and baby below!

Today’s Daily Dilemma really made me feel some kinda way.  Parents in Massachusetts sent their child to school knowing that that the kid was infected with the coronavirus.  I was outraged!  Why would a parent do that and put other kids at risk?  So, do you think that parents who send their kids to school, […] Days after Keaton Jones’ mother was exposed holding a confederate flag in photos on her Facebook page, his jailed father, Shawn White, has been outed as a White supremacist. White’s Facebook page is littered with white and Aryan pride posts. White also has several troubling tattoos, including: a neck tattoo that reads “CWB,” (an […]

When parents cheat in a relationship/marriage, should they tell their kids about the infidelity that ended the relationship? #DailyDilemma #OlympiaDShow #OldSchool1053

Okay, this is a very controversial question because people will say one thing and do another.  So, because this poll is completely anonymous, I want you ALL to be really honest!  Who comes first….mom or dad, wife or husband, or baby mama or baby daddy?  

This weekend is all about the kids!  According to all the kids I talked to, and some adults who would like to remain anonymous, the predicted hottest movie in the box office this weekend will be….SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE! Here is why.  As a adults, we get to reminisce about our childhood. Waking up on […]

Attorney Nakita Blocton is back on the line answering people’s child custody and child support questions. She discusses child support, and explains why, when a parent notices that they are being charged for child support without having ever been notified about it, they should immediately respond with the proper legal proceedings in court. Sign Up […]

Attorney Nakita Blocton is back on the line answering people’s child custody and child support questions. A young lady calls up and details her situation; she says she and her husband have shared custody of their children, but when they go over to their father’s house every other weekend, he constantly puts them in danger. […]