Olympia D's Money Matters Tip: Back to School Shopping

Olympia D’s Wellness Wednesday Tip: here are the benefits of using olive oil.

It’s another Monday Matters Monday!  I know some of you just received your W-2 and you’re headed over to the tax office. That’s great, however, this year when you get your refund check, don’t go to the mall and blow it. Instead, put it in a savings account…at a bank that’s across town…that you don’t […]

It’s January 2022! That means it’s tax time! Now, you may not have your W-2’s in your hand yet, but you can go ahead and get your paperwork in order, especially if you itemize like I do.  Gathering and organizing those receipts can be a bit of a headache, but those deductions can help add […]

So, everyone knows that I have been bragging that Ladybug landed her first real job!  As a parent, I think it’s my job to set her up for a good future!  One of the ways to do that is to make sure your child is financially responsible…knowing how to save, invest and building a good […]

Olympia D chats with Syleena Johnson about her 20-year career, what she knew about R. Kelly’s indiscretions, new music, and losing weight to compete as a body builder.

Listen to Olympia D’s candid conversation with Kamala Harris.  Senator Harris talks about her and Biden’s plan to eliminate the pandemic, healthcare and pre-existing conditions, and their policies to address the disproportionate incarceration of black men.  Listen now!!

Olympia D talks with Ne-Yo about the moment his wife demanded a divorce and the hard conversation they had to pull it all back together again. Plus, Ne-yo discusses his new music and how it reflects where he is in his life and relationship. It all goes down on 105.3 RNB with Olympia D. every […]

Actor And comedian John Witherspoon has been in the game for a long time. He made time to stop by and talk to the Midday Diva Olympia D about the upcoming season of Black Jesus, his traveling schedule and how it feels to be still working in Hollywood. Take a look at the interview below: […]

FunkFest 2017 kicked off with local act girl group Volume 4. The 3 of them minus one member opened up to Midday diva Olympia and Sunshine Anderson about how they became a group, who’s the bossiest and their new single “Body Work.” Take a look at the interview:

Go-Go band Uptown Swagga stopped by the Old School 105.3 media tent to give a little taste of what they were bringing to the table for FunkFest 2017. Midday Diva also got them to spilled the beans on how they managed to stay together as a group. Take a look at the interview below:

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