They will never, I repeat never let this man rest in peace. There will always be some Michael Jackson rumor or some person surfacing that claimed that he had sex with them or he slapped them and now they want to get paid.  The foolishness will never end for him even in death. According to […]

VIA: Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson have experienced worldwide musical success and fame. Their music is accepted in the States and across the seas.  This success isn’t shared by non-American artists; Americans don’t embrace world music. Black musicians from other parts of the world, especially Africa, still have a […]

This is the last week of June and the last week of Black Music Month. In today’s Black Music Month, music industry insider Kenny Quiller talks about his favorite songs and artists. Quiller has served as a barber, personal assistant, writer and more in the music industry. He’s credited with co-writing “Ticket to Ride” (Blackstreet), […]

The BET Awards had many highlights and low-lights last night, but Chris Brown’s emotional tribute to Michael Jackson was on of the most talked about moments from the annual award show. Not only did Brown deliver one of the most impressive Michael Jackson dance performances, the young singer also broke down during his performance of […]

As we end our Michael Jackson tribute weekend, here’s an exclusive story from NewsOne. Harlem gave Michael a homegoing that only Harlem could give. Originally published June 26, 2009 Hundreds thronged the sidewalk outside the Apollo theater, in a raucous celebration of the musical prodigy that was Michael Jackson. Hanging above them in the famed […]

GALLERY: Michael Jackson’s Top 10 Trendsetting Looks Say what you will about Michael Jackson, but the influence he had on the fashion industry is just as notable as his mark in music. The King of Pop understood the power of the costume, both on and off the stage. There are several looks that upon first […]

More of the Jackson family were seen out and about on the anniversary of Michael’s death.

Michael Jackson’s children Paris, Prince and Blanket spent the anniversary of their father’s death on the beach in Hawaii.

Slowly but surely, the buzz surrounding Aloe Blacc grows.

Our friends at NewOne dug deep in the crates to find this 1983 interview in which Tom Joyner interviewed Michael Jackson on the set of the Beat It video.

VIA HOT 102.7 Michael Jackson And The Motown Years: The Beginning Of A Legacy Although it feels like everyone in the entire world has a special connection to Michael Jackson, whether it be imitating the thriller dance at family parties, pretending to be the Jackson 5 with your siblings or moon walking past your high […]

With the BET awards happening this Sunday, HB was given the opportunity to talk to Lynne Harris Taylor, the executive producer of the show. She talks about what she’s excited about, what’s different about the show this year, and her role in it: