I know I’ve touched on this topic a lot already, but I don’t think I’ve specifically mentioned Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites in their ability to detach us from the real world, since we think online IS the real world. We put so much of ourselves out there online for tons of “friends” […]

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If you use technology as much as I do, you’ve probably experienced the following scenario: you text someone or post a comment without thinking on someone’s Facebook wall and there’s that one person that takes the interaction completely out of proportion. The worst case scenario is if this person is your significant other or someone […]

While in New Jersey last weekend for my brother’s wedding, my uncle and I got into a long discussion about Facebook. He’s an Internet security guy for the government and he spent a good hour explaining the dangers of Facebook. He has an account, but it’s completely locked down. He uses it too study the […]

VIA CHARLOTTE OBSERVER A waitress at Brixx restaurant lost her job after she posted disparaging comments about a costumer on her Facebook page. The woman complained that a couple stayed for three hours, making her work an extra hour, and then left her a $5 tip. When she got home, she went on Facebook. “Thanks […]

Oprah’s ex-boyfriend John Tesh who reportedly left her in the middle of the night, released a statement earlier today on Facebook.