There are, as of April 6th, more than 600 Mecklenburg County residents have tested positive for COVID-19. Stopping the spread requires staying home. If you do need to get essentials, follow these guidelines. There are several steps that you can take to limit your exposure to coronavirus, and they’re not so different from what CR […]

Get answers for your CMS High School Seniors! How is the pandemic going to effect their final school year?  What about their big dreams of going to prom and walking across stage to get their diplomas? CMS has postponed a return to school until May 15th. Get answers for your CMS High School Seniors regarding […]

How will we know when it’s safe to stop sheltering in place and go come outside? According to a report on One Zero, it could come down to surveying poop. Scientists are turning to sewage surveillance to predict new outbreaks faster. The coronavirus is spread when people cough and sneeze, but, it’s also spread through […]

Good news! The people with Baby Shark have created another earworm for you and your kids!  It’s called “Wash Your Hands With Baby Shark!” Pingfong has remixed their classic children’s song to teach them how to wash their hands. They also have started a dance challenge to encourage families to upload videos of their children […]

As we practice social distancing, time away from family and friends can be hard on our mental health. This thing is going to throw people off their game at some point. First thing to is let go of the perfectionism. Nobody is going to get it right every time. But, we can try! Don’t watch […]

Due to declared state of emergency in North Carolina, State Parks are closed. The governor is calling for public safety and wants the State Parks to adhere to to social distancing guidelines and avoid gathering in crowds of over 10 people at one time Close to Charlotte, the parks that will be affected include Crowders […]