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As we practice social distancing, time away from family and friends can be hard on our mental health.

This thing is going to throw people off their game at some point.

First thing to is let go of the perfectionism. Nobody is going to get it right every time.

But, we can try!

Don’t watch television all day. Period. Watching hour of negative news stories can make you crazy. Stay informed, but, don’t overload on CNN!

Make a list of things to do throughout the day. Try writing down a gratitude list or clear out that junk room that you’ve been avoiding for years! Read a book, organize your closet. Learn a new recipe or better yet cook from scratch!

If you’re a couple, set a goal to learn a new activity or have more frequent sex.

And since those kids are home until the end of April, take time to teach them a new skill like how to play chess or get them to teach you how to use the computer or a new app like TicTok, so you can be come the ‘cool mom!’

If you’re on your own, take time to call all of your family members and friends in your phone, just to chat and check on them, especially if you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Get on FaceTime or Zoom and communicate by video messaging. Wave at them, do group watch parties and even give them virtual hugs! This will do a lot to make us feel less alone.

Worried about money? We all are! Find someone to talk to about it. A lot of us are in the same boat. You never know, they may have some great ideas!

The biggest thing, is to reach out to someone. You are not alone and you real are going to be okay!