Karrueche might have a new boyfriend. For real this time. The Bay actress has been rumored to be the bae of many dudes since breaking up with Chris Brown and she’s subsequently clapped back at plenty of rumors, shutting them down almost instantly. This one, however, is a different story. This time, it’s Manchester United soccer […]

Radio One

Hey guys @jjonthemic here! So, if you heard I had an interesting chat with my baby girl who claims to have a boyfriend. Okay, so…

We all love our men and want our men to be our so-called “best friend.” That makes sense in theory, but in reality, all this does is cause unnecessary drama. Your man is NOT your best friend, because if he were, he would know the TRUE number of men you’ve slept with! Only your dearest […]

Nothing is more intoxicating than dating a toxic guy. You know – the ones you would never introduce to your family for fear of being scorned; the guy who doesn’t come to the door to get you for your date, but instead lays on the horn of his sports car with adult-labeled ‘noise music’ blaring. […]

It’s really easy to rant about what guys don’t do. Let’s face it: girls are usually the romantic ones in the relationship.  But let’s take a step back and think about the sweet things that they do come up with.  Whether it’s a note on the mirror telling you that you’re beautiful or a surprise […]