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President Obama is once again drawing heat from one of his new steps towards change. This time, he is aiming for a change in America’s college education system. Obama is making moves in encouraging people to choose to attend community college as opposed to a 4 year University.

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“The idea here is simple,” Obama said Monday at a White House event promoting his “Skills For America’s Future” program to develop better partnerships between private industry and community colleges. “We want to make it easier to connect students looking for jobs with businesses looking to hire. We want to help community colleges and employers create programs that match curricula in the classroom with the needs of the boardrooms.”

At first glance this would seem like an ideal plan that everyone would agree with. People with 4 year degrees are having a difficult time finding a job so perhaps the best alternative would be to only attend a 2 year college and receive an Associate’s degree. That way, you will still have some education on your resume, remain a competitive candidate in the job market, and not have to attend a 4 year university and be over qualified for positions or feel as though your education was a waste. Lastly, you would owe less money for loans etc.

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“They may not go to four-year colleges right away, but the community college system can be just a terrific gateway for folks to get skills,” said Obama. “Some start at a community college and then go on to four-year colleges. Some just get technical training, get a job and then come back maybe five years later to upgrade their skills or adapt them to a new business.” Obama also believes that this will increase graduation rates.

Other are not happy with Obama’s plan, saying that Obama giving special attention and money to community colleges over 4 year Universities is unfair. Schools like University of Phoenix And Kaplan are in an uproar. They believe that he is giving community colleges preferential treatment by funding and highlighting them. Personally, I think that the more educated people America has the better. Even if it is only a 2 year degree or specialized training.

The health care legislation signed into law earlier this year included $2 billion to fund the Community College and Career Training initiative to try to improve graduation rates.

The 2009 stimulus bill also had $3.5 billion in Pell grants aimed at helping low-income students at hundreds of community colleges, according to White House officials, as well as $1 billion in workforce training programs at community colleges.

Does this sound like a wise strategy for President Obama?

Via: CNN

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